Maktub. Destiny. It’s written!

“Maktub, the merchant said, finally. What does that mean? You would have to have been born an Arab to understand. But in your language it would be something like, it is written”


When I set off on my Moroccan adventure, I had a plan. Of course I did! Anyone who knows me will know that I have never not had a plan and a mission. Everything had to be meticulously planned and organised. God forbid if anything or anyone got in the way of my plans! Which of course they did! As there wasn’t much room for just being in the moment and going with the flow, I can honestly say, it wasn’t pretty. So much frustration!

It wasn’t until May 2013 that I began to learn a very valuable (and long) lesson: the more we try to control everything, the more it doesn’t work! And boy did I learn the hard way! Every element of my life that had been meticulously planned and painstakingly controlled for years fell apart before my eyes! My marriage, my business (my baby), my home and my financial stability! I lost everything that I had worked so hard for! I lost everything that was ‘me’.

Or so I thought! Actually what I lost was everything that I thought made me ‘me’. In fact, in learning to let go after years of control, I have shed my many layers and I have finally found — and fallen in love with — me!

Deciding to follow my heart on my Moroccan adventure has been one helluva a vital part of that. The minute I said yes to this new adventure, the minute amazing things began to happen! This journey has twisted and turned in ways I could never have imagined. It surprises me every single day!

The path has not been easy but oh so right! So many tough but necessary lessons to go and grow through, beautiful souls and amazing synchronicity and opportunities. Along the way, with every single twist, I have fallen more in love in every way. I am truly blessed. I can’t explain just how grateful I am for this amazing journey.

This is my gorgeous little reminder by tattoo artist, Rafa (Captain Cartagena), at Marrakech Ink. No matter what, always have faith and trust (and love) the process. Maktub. Destiny. It’s written!

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