Hello! This is my story...part one

Hello! Thought it was about time to put my smiley face to this passion project! This is me...Maryam. I'm a passionate creative entrepreneur who loves zagging when the rest of the world is zigging*. 


So now you've seen my smiley face, let me take you on the journey that has led to me embarking on this passionate project.

Let's start in Spain...following my heart, after an amazing exchange trip to Barcelona in my early teens, I chose to study languages at university. I just knew this was my key to open the door on my dream of travelling and exploring the world and it's people. Little did I realise just how this would shape my life! 

After an amazing experience studying in Valencia, Spain, let's fast forward to tea! I fell head over heels in love with green tea. This new discovery, together with my hospitality and retail experience led me to embark on an amazing entrepreneurial adventure...

in 2006 I launched Lahloo Tea, an award-winning gourmet loose leaf tea brand with adventure, love and inspiration at the core. Then known as Kate Gover (more to follow on my name change), I sourced teas from all over the world. Sharing my love for the taste and health benefits of real tea. On a journey of tea discovery, I hunted out unique artisan tea leaves, herbs and flowers. Sharing the stories of the passionate people behind each one. Inspiring others to also up their tea drinking game. 

My hunt for healthy and tasty caffeine-free infusions led me to the magical Kingdom of Morocco in 2008. Citrusy calming Lemon Verbena (verveine), Maghrebi spearmint and relaxing sensual rosebuds were top of my agenda.

Moroccan etay nana (mint tea)

An avid adventurer and lover of truly exotic and sensual experiences, exploring Morocco hit the spot! The sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes...magical. And with a coup de foudre (lightning bolt) I fell in love! And well the rest is, as they say, history...another love affair began! 

Part two to follow...

*Ps thank you for describing what we do so bloody brilliantly, Jo Fairley (the inspirational co-founder of Green and Black's)!

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