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Is “being perfect” hiding your magic? || Discover your freedom in living imperfectly

How often do we wish our lives away chasing an illusive “perfection”, saying ‘wouldn’t everything be perfect if…’? Crazy! Trapped in a cage. A futile cycle of chasing that illusive “perfect moment” yet holding ourselves back for fear of failure.  Enough was enough! It was time to fly free. Time for a total rewiring. So many years of striving for “being perfect”. But wow wow wow! How amazing it feels to just be. To let go. And to let life happen imperfectly. 

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Maktub. Destiny. It’s written!

Deciding to follow my heart on my Moroccan adventure has been one helluva journey. The minute I said yes to that new adventure, the minute amazing things began to happen! My journey twisted and turned in ways I could never have imagined. It still surprises me every single day!

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