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Hello! This is my story...part one

Hello! Thought it was about time to put my smiley face to this passion project! This is me...Maryam. I'm a passionate creative entrepreneur who loves zagging when the rest of the world is zigging*.  So now you've seen my smiley face, let me take you on the journey that has led to me embarking on this passionate project. Let's start in Spain...following my heart, after an amazing exchange trip to Barcelona in my early teens, I chose to study languages at university. I just knew this was my key to open the door on my dream of travelling and exploring the world and it's people. Little did I realise just how this would shape my life!  After an amazing experience studying in Valencia,...

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Love. It’s not what you think…it’s what you feel!

And it starts with you! What a revelation! It’s been a while, I know! In all honesty, I have been writing for a while but I wasn’t brave enough to post my heart-felt musings. But now, like a butterfly emerging from it’s chrysalis, I’ve found my wings. I’m ready! I have lately been busier than ever. This time though, unlike my usual track record of being ‘busy’ with work, I’ve been busy on myself! Working hard on looking deep inside and facing up to so many demons. Since I first took that leap to move to Morocco, people ask ‘Why Morocco?’ and all I can say is, ‘it felt so right’. Now I know that was just the first step....

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Is “being perfect” hiding your magic? || Discover your freedom in living imperfectly

How often do we wish our lives away chasing an illusive “perfection”, saying ‘wouldn’t everything be perfect if…’? Crazy! Trapped in a cage. A futile cycle of chasing that illusive “perfect moment” yet holding ourselves back for fear of failure.  Enough was enough! It was time to fly free. Time for a total rewiring. So many years of striving for “being perfect”. But wow wow wow! How amazing it feels to just be. To let go. And to let life happen imperfectly. 

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Maktub. Destiny. It’s written!

Deciding to follow my heart on my Moroccan adventure has been one helluva journey. The minute I said yes to that new adventure, the minute amazing things began to happen! My journey twisted and turned in ways I could never have imagined. It still surprises me every single day!

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